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Remembering Clif Rowan…..

A few folks at the last Ohio Cardinal has asked about various chess players – and Clif Rowan’s name came up.  The article posted on this site was accidentally deleted….we won’t go into the details, but suffice to say – it was an error not to be repeated.  Here’s to remembering Clif once again….. Clif […]

Third Annual Turkey Open

3RD ANNUAL TURKEY OPEN – NOVEMBER 22ND AND 23RD (SATURDAY & SUNDAY) 5 Rounds SS Time Controls: Rds 1 & 2 are G/75 then Game/2hr30min 600 b/32 paid entries, re-entries $15 count as 1/2 entry. OPEN: $200-100. U1800: $200-100. USCF Rated. One bye permitted – sign up by end of Rd 1 REGISTRATION:  Saturday 9am-10:30am […]