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Third Annual Turkey Open

3RD ANNUAL TURKEY OPEN – NOVEMBER 22ND AND 23RD (SATURDAY & SUNDAY) 5 Rounds SS Time Controls: Rds 1 & 2 are G/75 then Game/2hr30min 600 b/32 paid entries, re-entries $15 count as 1/2 entry. OPEN: $200-100. U1800: $200-100. USCF Rated. One bye permitted – sign up by end of Rd 1 REGISTRATION:  Saturday 9am-10:30am […]

Looking For A Few Good People

Looking for a way to help out the Dayton Chess Club???? If you are a current Dayton Chess Club member and are looking for a way to  help out the club……we need you!  We’re looking for someone to help run the club on Wednesday or Thursday evenings or Saturdays.  If you’re interested, please do come by […]

Riley’s Chess Picks

Scouring the internet high and low for Chess, Riley grabs the most interesting picks of the litter for the day and shares them with you. If you run across a story that Riley might’ve missed (hey, it happens) feel free to send an email and we’ll put it giving you the kudos! August 10, 2008 […]

Chess & Boxing?

Peanut butter and jelly. Cereal and milk. Bacon and eggs. Combinations in life that will be forever good together. Yet, how can chess match-up with a boxing match… If there is a way,  people will find it and looks like someone has. (more…)

Women in Chess?

More women in chess!  Yes….no doubt about it… With the multi-tasking skills we are so capable of performing admirably, chess is right up our alley.  I’ve often wondered why is this.  I really love it when I see an article about young women excelling in the game … (more…)